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RAUM LENTOS is the LENTOS’s fast, unpredictable format operating at the interface between music, performance and the visual arts. A wide range of options is available for what is being staged or produced: concerts, interventions, exhibitions, workshops or spatial situations.

As the museum’s lab, RAUM LENTOS is a venue whose audiences know its expectation will be far from just met. People who come here know they are in for a surprise, a challenge of some kind; they may even be expected to join in. An important aspect is coping with the spatial situation, the building, its environs.

This is not only about generating a discursive process; it’s a game, with the focus perhaps on what is given, what is predetermined. Artists embark on expeditions, observe, select, set to work and finally display the results of the whole process.

Curator: Magnus Hofmüller


So far there is no RAUM LENTOS planned.

RAUM LENTOS events to date

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Photo: © RAUM LENTOS / Magnus Hofmüller