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Volkmar Klien, sketch of the acoustic installation, 2018

RAUM LENTOS | Volkmar Klien

Strömen – Queren / Flowing – Crossing
A sound installation for a room with a view

15 June–10 September 2018

The LENTOS invites its visitors to an auditive journey in its Reading Room and installs the city’s soundscape in the museum. With his 8-channel audio installation, artist Volkmar Klien succeeds in fusing inside and outside and sight with hearing.

The Danube flows, people cross it. And some people simply watch what’s going on. Shielded from the noise of the bustle by the massive glass pane of the huge window of the LENTOS Reading Room, visitors enjoy a full view of the Nibelungen Bridge. The window attracts, directs and frames their gaze, while at the same time blocking the sound of the scene their eyes takes in. Visitors take a seat on a bench located in the middle of the Reading Room, where they are surrounded by eight loudspeakers. The speakers make the boundaries of audibility permeable along the interface between within and without marked by the glass pane. Microphones attached to the facade of the building pull the world outside the window into the room, where it is embedded in a multichannel electronic composition.

The senses of hearing and seeing – inextricably conjoined beyond questioning in everyday life – drift apart almost unnoticeably and take up their station at the centre of a hybrid sound environment constructed by loudspeakers.

Curator: Magnus Hofmüller


Volkmar Klien (*1971 in Hollabrunn) spent his childhood and adolescence in Vienna under the spell of this city’s musical life, with its glorious traditions and antiquated rituals. Against this background he attempts today to expand the potential of composing, music making and listening far beyond classical concert setups. His interest in the multilayered connections between the different modes of human perception and the roles these modes play in the communal creation of reality have led him to explore a wide spectrum of audible as well as inaudible art. He is Professor of Composition at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz.

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Photo: © RAUM LENTOS / Magnus Hofmüller