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Using the VALIE EXPORT Archive as a basis, the City of Linz and its partner institute, the University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz, have agreed to operate an international research center, the VALIE EXPORT Center. Forschungszentrum für Medien- und Performancekunst. The distribution of tasks for the VALIE EXPORT Center provides for the City of Linz to pay the costs of the infrastructure, while the University of Arts pays for research. The City of Linz and/or the LENTOS Kunstmuseum’s main responsibility is to provide the required spatial resources and all the materials in the VALIE EXPORT Archive, while the University of Arts defray all expenses arising from providing the required academic and administrative staff. The VALIE EXPORT Center Linz appraises, studies, contextualises and mediates the premature legacy of VALIE EXPORT. International in its orientation, the research center strives to promote the artistic and scientific exploration of media and performance arts.


Director Sabine Folie
+43 676 847898 2338

Managing Director
Mag.a art. Dagmar Schink
+43 676 847898 336

Study Assistence
Lisa Schmidt, BA


Peter-Behrens-Platz 9
4020 Linz



Linz has acquired the VALIE EXPORT Archive on the basis of a decision passed by a large majority in Linz’s City Council on 23 April 2015. The living bequest comprises works of art, sketches, drafts, negatives and extensive archival material related to the work of the Linz born artist. The Archive is part of the holdings of the LENTOS Kunstmuseum and constitutes the most substantial addition since the acquisition of the Gurlitt Collection in the 1950s. This was the first step the City of Linz has taken towards the operation of the VALIE EXPORT Center, an international research institution for media and performance art.

The VALIE EXPORT Archive comprises works of art, documents and drafts of works from all the different phases of the artist’s career. Materials include, among other things, project sketches, conceptual outlines, an extensive photo, film and video archive, correspondence, publicity material (posters, folders, etc.), press cuttings (reviews, press reports, etc.), a book collection and originals from a number of different work groups.

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