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Picture: Guided Tours

Art Education at the LENTOS

What is your personal approach to art and what can we do make it work even better? This is the basic question that the LENTOS’s Art Education Team is aiming to answer. It is you, our visitors, that are our true focus.

Art Education Programmes pave the way to aesthetic experience for all visitors. We offer dialogue-based guided tours of our exhibitions and introductions to the architectural features of our house.

The LENTOS Studio for Children has new offers every week and never a dull moment.

The Los TaLENTOS meet on every first Thursday in the month: the students then decide what use they want to make of the Museum this time, what workshops they want to try out and what members of the staff they want to meet.

The collaboration between schools and the LENTOS is of the utmost importance to us; SCHOOL & MUSEUM is therefore one of our top priorities.
In our capacity of a learning space we develop innovative and media reflective
workshops and tours tailored to the needs of school groups.

Tours and Events / Information material

Due to the current safety regulations, guided tours, workshops and events cannot take place at present. You will receive various information material on the current exhibitions on site.

Karin Schneider, photo: maschekS.

Mag.a Karin Schneider (Head of Art Education)

T +43 732 7070 3602

F +43 732 7070 3604

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Photo: maschekS.