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Matthias Klos: UND

Press Release Matthias Klos, 11 Nov. 2004

Matthias Klos - UND
12 Nov 2004 to May 2005

Matthias Klos deposits a work as intervention in the foyer of the museum: UND. The unassuming conjunction "and" becomes an image, a carrier of meaning, the potential start of a conversation. The museum is many things. A house and a collection and an exhibition and a scientific laboratory and a workshop and a workplace and a meeting point and... KlosĀ“ disposition indicates the necessary connection between these different functions of the contemporary museum. At the same time it looks like a curious question welcoming or saying good-bye to visitors: "AND? What do you expect?" or "AND? How was it?"

Matthias Klos, born 1969 in Hersbruck, FRG, lives in Vienna and works as Assistant at the Institute of Fine Art and Cultural Studies at the Art University Linz.

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