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Vanessa Jane Phaff

Press Release "Vanessa Jane Phaff - Mirror Cabinet"
17.2. - 17.4.2006

The exhibition "Spiegelkabinett" presents the work of the Dutch artist Vanessa Jane Phaff, born 1965 in England, for the first time in Austria. The extensive selection of paintings and graphic works are all from the last ten years. The most recent works were created in 2006 and conceived especially for this exhibition at Lentos.

This exhibition is part of the ongoing Lentos program to regularly present new, significant positions of international contemporary art in Linz. Phaff's independent further development of the media of painting and graphic art and the multifaceted subject matter of her image world make her one of the most notable artists in the contemporary art scene.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue with essays by Mirjam Westen and Léon Hanssen.  (EUR 22,-). The project has been realized with financial support from the Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam.
Spiegelkabinett is Vanessa Jane Phaff's first exhibition in Austria. It has been taken over from the Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem.

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Press material

Press material

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