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formulated. Convergences of Writing and Image

Information Sheet for the Press Conference, 17 June 2009, 10 am
Exhibition Durance: 19 June - 30 August 2009

The exhibition distributed among several institutions seeks shared intersections: writers who draw - visual artists who write, works conjoining both modes and thus demonstrating a smooth transition between two genres of creative expression.

Three institutions have joined together for this genre-crossing art project: the Lentos Art Museum Linz, the renowned literature institution StifterHaus Linz, and the Upper Austrian artists association MAERZ. Writing and image are cultural techniques that serve to leave traces of thoughts, either for oneself or for others and the insights and knowledge of posterity. The margins of writing and image confront us with interesting processes of perception. What happens if you try to read a drawing or grasp texts as images? The codes are different. The chances of success are consequently low. Yet borderline phenomena in the sense of what is not (yet) graphical and what is not (yet) textual and combinations of writing and image suggest manifold associations.

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Press material

Press material

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