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The success of a project depends on the people who support it

The LENTOS’s basic funding, which is provided by the City of Linz and a contribution from LINZ AG, is the financial basis for the Museum’s long-term operation and its planning in terms of cultural politics. Its ambitious exhibition and event programme would however not be possible without substantial support from sponsors.

The LENTOS’s strong position as a factor in the cultural development of Linz and as a landmark in the city offers possibilities for sponsors to present themselves as prominent players in our society. The Museum’s location in the heart of the city and the unfailing public perception of its activities in a field where media, urban policies and tourism overlap open up a great number of options that are of interest in terms of a targeted expansion of a communication portfolio and of a successful image tranfer to clients and opinion makers.

As a partner, the LENTOS …

  • stands for artists of the first order and for top quality
  • is part of international networks
  • has a great potential to surprise with its original and innovative methodologies
  • demonstrates confidence by investing in the future
  • enjoys the support of a powerful association of friends
  • cooperates successfully with the business community

Entering into a partnership with the LENTOS means always having your finger “on the pulse of the arts”. 

Every partnership must be fruitful for both sides

What benefits can you expect from your engagement as a sponsor?

  • Entering into a collaborative venture with the LENTOS enables you to gain access to a new target group and to reenforce the commitment of existing ones.
  • Culture sponsoring supplements and adds weight to traditional methods of marketing and PR work. It is targeted, highly visible and highly flexible in its use.
  • A partnership is a highly effective communication tool.
  • Your cultural and social commitment to the Museum is highly effective in conveying to your target groups what values your company stands for.
  • The LENTOS’s status as an important cultural institution of the City of Linz provides a solid basis that guarantees a wide range of possibilities for a long-term collaboration.

The concrete range of services depends on the scope of the partnership and includes classic communication services such as the display of logos and PR activities, joint marketing campaigns and exclusive guided tours and other types of events.

As we feel that we know a great deal about our public and our target groups, we are in a position to advise you on the best ways to get your message across.

Foto: B. Stadlbauer

Katharina Paulischin-Prammer

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