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  • Wolfgang Gurlitt
    Founding Director from 1953 to 1962
    Born 1888 in Berlin, died 1965 in Munich

  • Walter Kasten
    Director from 1962 to 1973
    Born 1902 in Halberstadt, died 1984 in Linz

  • Peter Baum
    Director from 1973 to 2003
    Founding Director of LENTOS from 2003 to 2004

  • Stella Rollig
    Director from 2004 to 2016
  • Hemma Schmutz
    Director from 2017 to the present


New Gallery of the City of Linz,
Wolfgang Gurlitt Museum,
LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz

  • 1946: Founding of the New Gallery as loan museum in the Main Square (bridgehead building west)
    Wolfgang Gurlitt made his private collection available to the city of Linz for ten years at no cost. Following initial provisional operations, the official opening took place in 1948.

  • 1953: Purchase of the "Gurlitt Collection"
    The city of Linz purchased 76 paintings and 33 graphic works from Gurlitt’s collection (agreement from 14 January 1953) and founded the "New Gallery of the City of Linz, Wolfgang Gurlitt Museum" as city museum for modern art.

  • 1979: Relocation of the New Gallery of the City of Linz, Wolfgang Gurlitt Museum to new facilities in Lentia 2000
    (Opening: 28 September 1979, approx. 1,200m² exhibition space)

  • 1989: Expansion of the New Gallery in Lentia 2000
    (to approx. 1,600m² exhibition space)

  • 2003: Opening of the LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz on the Danube
    (Opening: 18 May 2003, approx. 2,700m² exhibition space)
    The LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz was built by the city of Linz according to plans by the architects Weber+Hofer, Zurich. The collection holdings, expanded to about 1,500 paintings and sculptures, 10,000 graphic works and 700 photographs through periodic purchases and donations, were relocated to the LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz.

  • 2015: The VALIE EXPORT Archive finds a home in Linz
    Linz has acquired the VALIE EXPORT Archive on the basis of a decision passed by a large majority in Linz’s City Council. The living bequest comprises works of art, sketches, drafts, negatives and extensive archival material related to the work of the Linz born artist. Using the VALIE EXPORT Archive as a basis, the City of Linz and its partner institute, the University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz, have agreed to operate an international research center, the VALIE EXPORT Center.

  • 2017: Opening of the VALIE EXPORT Center at the Tabakfabrik Linz
    (Opening: 10 November 2017, approx. 320m²,  Tabakfabrik Linz)
    The VALIE EXPORT Center was officially opened on 10 November 2017. The Center is housed on the 1st floor of the Bau 1 in the Tabakfabrik Linz. The space is divided into: Archive and storage facilities, Library, Multifunctional working and event area.

Did you know...?

The name LENTOS is Celtic for "located at the bend of the river"; predecessor for the Roman name "Lentia" for Linz.

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