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The Early Work

1 February to 19 May 2019

Maria Lassnig and Arnulf Rainer are among Austria’s most successful artists. Lassnig would turn 100 this year, Rainer celebrates his 90th birthday. The exhibition at the LENTOS puts artistic approaches centre stage as well as individual forms of expression. The two first met in Klagenfurt in 1948. The years they spent together were to leave a lasting imprint on both their artistic oeuvres.

Comprised of 120 works of art, the exhibition is supported by a great number of museums, galleries and private lenders as well as the Maria Lassnig Foundation. Many of Maria Lassnig’s works are exhibited here for the first time in over fifty years. In the summer of 2019, the Exhibition will be shown in a modified form in Carinthia’s Museum Moderner Kunst.

Curator: Brigitte Reutner
Exhibition architects: Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch


Thursday, 31 January, 7 pm

Free admission

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Foto: © maschekS.