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"The feeling that I want to create in the viewer is the lack of something, I do not get all the information always show only a part of something, they are a directed view," says artist Tatiana Lecomte about her exhibition concept. Radio FRO interviewed the artist and talked to her about the show at the LENTOS.
(Radio FRO broadcasted on 29.10.2018)

WHO WAS 1968?
"The backbone of the exhibition is the Linz scene - these important artists, whose work also stands up to international standards," explains curator Hedwig Saxenhuber about the exhibition concept. Radio FRO has interviewed her.
(Radio FRO, broadcasted on 27.9.2018)

Radio FRO talked to the artist and curator Silvia Eiblmayr about the exhibition.
(Radio FRO, broadcasted on 28.6.2018)

Radio FRO talked to the artist about human skin as an exhibition layout and the color indigo, which the workers also refer to as Devils Food.
(Radio FRO broadcasted on 22.3.2018)

'1918 was a year of doom, not only the monarchy, but also the Austrian art of Art Nouveau. Schiele, Klimt and Moser have died and left a great artistic vacuum,' says curator Elisabeth Nowak-Thaller on the background to the exhibition 1918 - Klimt · Moser · Schiele.
(Radio FRO broadcasted on 22.2.2018)

HALLO 2018!
1918, 1938 and 1968 - the LENTOS program, in cooperation with the NORDICO and the Landesgalerie Linz, exhibitions, which thematise historical references of these years. In LENTOS these commemorative years are entwined with the art of Katharina Gruzei or Tatjana Lecomte.
(Radio FRO broadcasted on 25.1.2018)

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